Friday Dolan Tour: Broken Hearts and Toxic Waste

east-west.jpgFrom east to west on Dolan Media today…

LI Biz Blog observes that while a Manhattan jury finds Madison Square Garden liable for sexual harassment in the Isaiah Thomas case, the National Basketball Association treats second-guessing a ref as a more serious offense…

Which industry is likely to disappear first; newspapers or gay bars? Jackie Sauter reveals the surprising answer at On the Record

Just launched this week, DC Dicta (from Lawyers USA) is fairly bursting with great posts, like this one about lawmakers, the Democratic and Republican heads of the House Judiciary Committee, resolving to end “partisan acrimony in the judicial confirmation process.” Our blogger Kimberly Atkins will have to remind them of what they said at crunch time…

Meanwhile, Lawyers USA reports a Tennessee court’s decision that if the wedding falls through, the ex-bride-to-be has to give back the ring…

In New Orleans, according to New Orleans City Business, a guy got so frustrated about an abandoned school bus the city couldn’t get around to remove from his neighborhood that he advertised it on Craig’s List:

“Located at S. Saratoga and Foucher. Poor condition. Yours for the taking!” Villere wrote. “The city doesn’t seem to be able to remove it despite my numerous requests since April, yes, April. Help a neighborhood out and get some scrap $ for yourself, all for a little time and effort.”

The city took six months to tow the bus…

The latest ID theft scam? Fake jury duty summons! From the Michigan Lawyer blogger

You’re fairly certain that you haven’t received a jury duty summons, but the person on the phone, who claims to be a court official, says that you have, you didn’t show up and now the judge is angry enough to issue an arrest warrant.

This can all be cleared up, the caller continues, if you’ll just provide your date of birth, your Social Security number and some credit card information.

My rule of thumb: Don’t give anybody your social security number, ever, unless it’s the IRS, the DMV or your employer…if they really need it, make them explain why you should trust them…

A sad, weird story out of Minnesota’s F&C: Local contractors want to help an elderly couple ripped off by an unscrupulous remodeler, but even in the capitol of politeness, good intentions can go awry…. By the way, like some other Dolan pubs, F&C is a subscriber-only site, but this story is from the free “Best-Of” collection…

Speaking of things going awry in Minnesota…in this case public restrooms in the Gopher State…Idaho Business Review’s Lora Volkert says there’s an awkward moment awaiting her state’s governor tomorrow…

And, what’s this? Portland, the City of Roses, is America’s third most toxic city? The DJC’s Tyler Graf is befuddled by Business Week’s allegation…

…there’s much more Dolan excitement today, but my heart can’t stand any more!

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