Just Like Bungee-Jumping

Does someone whose sexual turn-ons revolve around being dominated have a legal cause of action if things get out of hand?

More to the point of this story, does the estate of someone with such proclivities have a legal cause of action against the estate of a man who he let dominate him completely?  A man (Gary LeBlanc) who, in his suicide note, implicated himself and another in the submissive man’s accidental death?

Exhibit A, a Dolan Media publication specializing in coverage of the bolder frontiers of the law has the full story of Adrian Exley’s unfortunate sex vacation and its wider legal implications.

Although the LeBlanc-Exley case is an extreme one, it has sparked much discussion in the BDSM (Bondage and Discipline; Sadism and Masochism) community, with people questioning the boundaries of consent and the safety of their practices.

“It definitely has kind of a chilling effect,” says Vivienne Kramer, president of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and an executive of the New England Leather Alliance. “But it also has a very divisive impact on the community because people are very, very opinionated about what happened. There are people out there that say, ‘This is an example of extreme sport like bungee-jumping and rock climbing, and it was a terrible accident.’ And there are other people that say, ‘I’ve had experiences with this person and he was a violent predator.’”

And there are those who say that Exley was partly responsible for his own fate.

“It is consensual activity that everybody knows and appreciates involves some amount of risk, and when you engage in that activity you accept that risk,” says Andrews. “I have no reason to believe that Mr. Exley did not know what he was getting into. And it seems clear that it was an area that he had experience in.”

But did he deserve to die for his preference?  Read the whole thing.

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