Focus Groups: Where Creativity Goes To Die

The maker of this video swears these are not actors, but actual focus group participants reviewing boards for what became a legendary and effective TV commercial.  (Obviously, they weren’t familiar with the ad; a little surprising.)

The implication here is that bad advertising tests well. True also about movies and TV, obviously.

Boston-based ad agency Arnold created this video for the 47th Annual Ad Club of Boston event about two weeks ago, where they also happened to win Best of Show for a harshly funny anti-tobacco ad called “Singing Cowboy.”

Speaking of advertising… Did you see the last episode of “Mad Men” last night? YouTube is great: It’s already posted what I’m sure will become required viewing for every marketing major — Don Draper‘s pitch to Kodak about the Carousel slide projector.

Even if you don’t know the subtext, which makes this scene especially heartrending, connoisseurs of the pitch will have to concede that a new standard has been set.

(Link to focus group video via American Copywriter.)

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One Comment on “Focus Groups: Where Creativity Goes To Die”

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