Ad Men Didn’t Like “Mad Men”*

I loved “Mad Men” (see below), but according to Variety, today’s advertising executives had problems with the show.

To ad execs on the creative side, it’s the portrayal of the business that rankles. Case in point: Don Draper (Jon Hamm) coming up with the 11th-hour “It’s toasted” slogan for Lucky Strike, which kept the account at Sterling Cooper.

“You have this ad exec standing in the board room and at the last minute coming up with something off the top of his head,” complains Ron Larson, copywriter for Ogilvy & Mather. “How many episodes of ‘Bewitched’ did you have to watch to come up with that?”

Ouch. But one veteran ad man quoted by Variety, George Packer (who now runs the industry watchdog site AdRants), thinks some of the industry’s opposition to the show is due to an emotion admakers know well: Envy.

“I think it’s because a lot of people in advertising on the creative side are frustrated screenwriters,” says Packer. “There’s a certain snideness, ‘If I really had the time I could write rings around those guys.’ But then a lot of people in advertising are basically lazy.”


*CORRECTION: Steve Hall is the publisher of AdRants, not George Packer as Variety reported. In the first comment below, Hall suggests that Variety might also have misspelled Packer’s name, because there is a George Parker who runs another site, AdScam, who fits the profile of the veteran ad man described in the story.

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2 Comments on “Ad Men Didn’t Like “Mad Men”*”

  1. Steve Hall Says:

    Somebody’s got something wrong here. I run Adrants. George Parker (not Packer) runs AdScam.

  2. grinbear Says:

    The Truth Lies…

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