Duel In The Sand, Gone With the Wind

Some gritty Dolan Media highlights for a Monday morning…

Despite recent passage of a new state law, anti-immigrant activists and business interests that benefit from immigrant labor are both turning to the ballot box to get their preferred fix, according to the Arizona Capitol Times’ Jim Small.

Neither measure has qualified yet, but a war of words has begun.

“In comparison to the other initiative and the law that’s already passed, my initiative will be the toughest employer sanctions law the Constitution allows,” said Andrew Pacheco, chairman of the Stop Illegal Hiring campaign committee.

However, critics say Pacheco’s measure is designed to protect the interests of the business community, which hires illegal immigrants at cheaper wages to maximize profits.

“They want to change nothing,” (State Representative Russell) Pearce, R-18, said. “They want to continue to hire with impunity.”

Don Goldwater, a former gubernatorial candidate and another advocate of a tougher employee sanction bill said the move by business will force him to redouble his efforts to get the Legal Arizona Workers Act on the ballot. According to Small,

many had hoped Goldwater’s group would refrain from actually putting its initiative on the ballot if the state law was enforced to their liking, the chances of that happening now are zilch.

“There is no chance in heck we can drop our initiative now,” Goldwater said.

kk-river-cleanup-crop.jpgWisconsin’s Kinnickinnic River is one dirty, filthy toxic river, according to Sean Ryan of the Daily Reporter. Salmon swim up it to spawn — and then die. There are islands made of shopping carts and bowling balls. But now what locals call the KK is getting cleaned up, due to the combined efforts of developers who want to build waterfront condos, environmental groups, and Milwaukee municipal agencies. If federal money can be found, the river will be dredged, and a stretch of concrete bottom might be removed….

After four years, the Long Island Power Authority will apparently shelve plans for a wind energy facility. Now Delaware wants to build one, and some say they should study what Long Island did — and do the opposite. Details in LI Biz Blog….

A judge in Maryland thinks it’s possible a woman consented to being slugged by her husband at a gas station. So he dismissed the case against her. Details here….

Despite assurances to the contrary, the new South Waterfront neighborhood in Portland, Oregon is “make-sure-you’re-wearing-your-good-underwear-windy,”says DJC blogger Alison Ryan….

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