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If it helps the state of Louisiana to give a tax break for shopping, for movie tickets, and for theatrical productions, our blogger in New Orleans, Deon Roberts wants to know why not give a tax break to the real drivers of the Crescent City’s post-Katrina recovery — the people who decided to come back and have kids. Like, say, Deon Roberts, a new daddy:

According to an Oct. 17 report by the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center, the population of the six-parish metro area is at 86 percent of the pre-K figure. The population as of September is 450,830 compared with 524,317 in July 2005.

Without people, there is no economy: There is nobody to make goods and nobody to sell goods. That is Economics 101.

Having children is not cheap, especially in the New Orleans area, where many parents send their children to costly private schools to avoid the public school system. So a tax break for us new parents would be helpful.

Perhaps the state could grant the break on our income tax returns. Perhaps new parents could be allowed to pay half what they would normally pay in state income taxes for, say, five years. Or maybe parishes could freeze property tax assessments for new parents until their children turn 18. There could be a requirement that families who use the break must stay in the state for a certain number of years.

Deon might seem like an interested party, but he’s not driving a very hard bargain. He says he’s in Louisiana to stay, regardless….

Long Island is another place that’s trying to hang onto its up-and-comers…. Housing prices are the culprit in LI losing “the war for talent….”

DC Dicta’s Kimberly Atkins reports that two young attorneys — both tabbed last month by Lawyers USA as Up & Coming Lawyers — faced off before the U.S. Supreme Court today, one of them wearing coattails in a nod to tradition….

Atkins also notes the passing of the much-admired law prof Dr. Clark Byse, the model for Professor Kingsfield in Scott Turow’s “The Paper Chase.” Byse taught at Harvard, Columbia and Boston U., where Atkins was one of his students….

Meanwhile, the New Orleans World Trade Center plays host this week to a delegation from South Africa, looking to establish trade ties and “a steppingstone to conduct business in Africa.” Actor Louis Gossett, Jr. is one of the panelists….

In Idaho, worries that anti-immigration politics will hurt small business….

In Minnesota, even the undead are entitled to justice….

Martin Frankel, the man who conned $200 million from seven life insurance agencies, used some of that money for jewelry. The insurance commissioners of Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee tried selling some of his swag on eBay…a diamond necklace, some diamond earrings, a sapphire-and-diamond ring and a diamond-encrusted Cartier watch….

Only the Cartier watch sold, for $3,000…. It had been appraised at $4,000….

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