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Dolan Media Pre-Christmas Rush


Before you break out your favorite Christmas movies, here’s a delectable selection of news morsels from around Dolan Media….

green-river-formation.jpgShell Oil Company wants to extract oil from the Green River Formation, which contains one of the largest oil shale deposits in the world. According to the Colorado Springs Business Journal’s Amy Gillentine, the government’s permitting process runs on a different track than Shell’s research on how to squeeze the goo from the rocks.

Shell submitted the application a year ago, but withdrew it when the company realized that research was going to lead in another direction, said Tracy Boyd, spokesman for the Mahogany Project, the name for the oil shale research work being conducted on 17 acres in the Colorado back country near Rifle.

“But that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped anything,” he said. “It’s a delay, but other things are going on at the site. We’ve finished building the freeze wall test and it’s 100 percent online now. They’re working on heating tests elsewhere on the site.”

The next step, which requires combining both the freezing and heating elements into one big test to see if Shell can really wring oil from the rocks, is causing the delay.

“It takes about a year to process the application, and things in this research are changing so fast that knowing exactly what you want to do in a year is difficult,” Boyd said. “We’re learning a lot more all the time. We’ll resubmit the application a year or so down the road when we have better information to know exactly what kind of integrated test we want to do.”

Shell, which has secured 200 patents for oil-shale extraction technology, is the only oil firm working this problem on such a massive scale. As one might expect, the whole shale-oil enterprise has its critics and skeptics. (more…)


Wanted: Christmas Elf With Tool Belt


On Amazon’s Toy Time blog, this post:

We’re getting excited around here because we have tons of toys coming through the door that we get to test out.  But there is one thing that we have not been having fun with: screwdrivers.  Apparently, these days, one needs to possess an itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, Barbie-sized screwdriver to be able to open the battery compartments of many of the toys on the market today.  Consequently, we have tons of dolls and helicopters and singing My Little Pony Pinkie Pies around the office that have not done a thing except sit there.  As a your sherpa of toys, I wanted to make sure that, with all you have to do this Holiday season, you won’t have to make a big deal out of looking for a small screwdriver.

FYI, here’s oneLeatherman makes it.


 (link via Instapundit.)